Sunday, July 15, 2012

Genestealer Cult

In between painting up the first tact squad I am working on a little side project full of nostalgia for me! Bidding on a few of the real original mini's on E-Bay to fill in.

Free 6th Edition Compatable 40K Counters

Saw this on BOL's this morning, thought they were pretty cool. Very simple, very easy. Looks like they might even fit on Warhammer square bases!

There are two sets. Here are the links:
40K Counters - Set 1
40K Counters - Set 2

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Old School

After seeing JeffJedi's old style terminator marine over at Bolter and Chainsword I decided to dig these out and paint them up for one of my termie squads.

DA Test Mini

I haven't painted a figure in almost 20 years and the things I learned today are:
1. It sucks getting old - I need a magnifier, my eyes are worse then I thought!
2. I need to practice, practice, practice!

After scrapping the first two test mini's (into the "Simple Green" they go) I came up with this simple color scheme. Basic colors, one drybrush for the bone and two washes for the green and for everything else.

Once I get the hang of it again I'll go back and paint highlights but for right now I want to get the whole army painted and on the table. It didn't feel right playing my first game back with a primer color army even though it was DA Green!

I think this is more then good enough for table top and I can always go back and detail paint later and get some highlights on once I knock the rust off.

The Dark Fortress

Just had to add this.....

I'm sure all the DA players out there know about this site but just in case......this is a FANTASTIC source of info and the best chapter specific web site I have ever seen.

Dark Angels Artwork

Doing the search for a DA image to use in my first post I came across this artwork at by an artist that goes by the name "sanchoooo1". It's a great piece of art. I hope he does more DA images.

6th Edition Contents

Time to get online and get some plasma guns for my current tact squads! I am following the fluff and using plasma wherever I can. I hope this is really the new box set contents. My wife is going to kill me but there will be multiple pre-orders on this one if this link is true.

Leaked 6th Edition Contents

The Old Man's Return to 40K

After an almost 20 year hiatus from Warhammer 40K I played my first game (a draw) with my WIP Dark Angels. I had always wanted to do a DA army and with two Black Reach marine sets sitting around and all the DA rumors I decided to get an early start!

The game was fun and thank you to Tony at the Columbia GW store for taking the time and walking me through a game against his Chaos marines! My list is basically Belial, two squads of termies, two tactical squads, a dread, a predator and five scouts. And yes, I am using the DA Codex!

Everything is primed (thank you Army Painter Angel Green) so it's time to start painting!